Tsilhqot'in Territory: West central British Columbia.




Tsilhqot'in National Government
Williams Lake, British Columbia


?Esdilagh / Alexandria First Nation
Alexandria, British Columbia


Tl'etinqox-t'in / Anaham Government
Anaham, British Columbia


Toosey / Tl'esqox Indian Band
Riske Creek, British Columbia WIKIPEDIA


Tsi Del Del / Redstone First Nation
Chilanko Forks, British Columbia


Xeni Gwet'in / Nemiah First Nation
Nemiah Valley, British Columbia


Ulkatcho First Nation : part of whose membership is Tsilhqot'in
Anahim Lake, British Columbia


Yunesit'in / Stone Government
Hanceville, British Columbia


Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council
Williams Lake, British Columbia WIKIPEDIA


Tsilhqot'in Population
Canada (2020) - 4,200

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Pre-contact, the Tsilhqot'in were struggling to cope with an internal warring faction who were skirmishing with their Secwepemc neighbours to the east. Eventually, they evicted this faction of Tsilhqot'in. One portion moved far northward to live with the Dene. A second portion disappeared way to the south below what is now the 49th parallel. And the third faction attacked the Nlakapamax in the Spences Bridge area during Fraser River fishing season and continued on fighting up the Nicola Valley to the Merritt area. For a time, they settled on the upland plateau between Merritt and Princeton. They became known as the "Nicola". The Nicola began to socialize with the Nlakapamax and were ultimately absorbed.