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Dhegiha Territory: Central and eastern Kentucky.




Dhegiha Group

Dhegiha Population
United States (2010) - Descendents





Even though the French were encroaching from the north, the English from the east, and the Spanish from the south, by 1650 the Dhegiha had not yet experienced "First Contact" nor had word of their existence sifted to the outside world. Inevitably, this would have happened in another 15 years...


However in 1653, the Iroquoian Haudenosaunee Confederacy launched massive attacks on neighbouring tribes all across modern day Ohio. Seeking to preserve themselves, the Dhegiha Sioux, en masse, migrated down the Ohio River in the mid-1650's and became the ancestors of the Quapaw, Missouria, Ponca, Omaha, Kanza, and Osage tribes.


Kentucky Tourism Office: Although there were Native Americans in Kentucky in prehistoric times, when explorers and settlers began entering Kentucky in the mid-1700s, there were no permanent Kentucky Indian tribes or Native American settlements in the region. Instead of serving as a home for Kentucky Indian tribes, the country was used as common hunting grounds by Shawnees from the north and Cherokees from the south. The Iroquois also claimed their possession until 1768, though did not occupy them.