The map is on 22 inch by 22 inch poster paper and is the product of many years effort.


Price: $30 CDN or $30 US or €40 EURO


Just write out a cheque to "Bryan Strome", or place some cash into an envelope and mail either to the following address in Secwepemc Territory:


Bryan Strome
671 Cowan Street
British Columbia
V2C 3G3


Alternatively, make a Paypal payment to this account:

Name: Bryan Strome


(It helps if you send me an email after you've made payment to let me know it's there.)


Contact me with regard to Interac information if you choose that form of payment.


However you proceed, be sure to include your name and home address (including postal code) and thence the map will arrive to you rolled in a mailing tube via the postal system. (Due to U.S. Customs Regulations, Americans will also have to send me their phone number.)


Most of your fee will go towards paying Canada Post, of course...

Note: I can only send one map at a time. Two maps in the rolled tube will jam it up and you'll never be able to remove them.

Fortunately, this map project is in the realm of "hobby", not a business. So if I manage to break even, that's good!



Thank you!

Bryan Strome, Cartographer